Bobcat Badge

The Bobcat Badge is the first badge that any cub scout earns.  No matter the age/rank that a scout enters Cub Scouts, he must complete the Bobcat trail as the first step in his Cub Scouting adventure.  Along this trail the Cub Scout learns the Cub Scout Promise, the Law of the Pack, and the Cub Scout Motto.  These are the three most important things a boy must learn because they help him through all of the trails of Scouting.
During the Pack ceremony, we will be bringing the scouts up for their Bobcat Badges in groups.  The scouts will recite the Cub Scout Promise.  It is a scouting tradition that the scouts are "flipped" upside down for the pinning on of the Bobcat Badge.  Only the parent/guardian of a scout can "flip" or turn the scout upside down (Pack and Den Leaders are not allowed to assist in this process).  The Pack Leaders then pin the Bobcat Badge on the scout with the Bobcat Badge Pin.  Then when the scout is flipped back over the badge will be upside down.  Please note that if a scout would rather not be "flipped" upside down by their parent, that is perfectly fine; the cub scout leaders will pin the Bobcat Badge on upside down while the scout is standing.
The Bobcat badge is to remain upside down until the scout does a good deed.  The scout tells his Den Leader about the good deed at a future Den Meeting and then the den leader turns the badge right side up.  The badge should then be permanently attached to their uniform.  The Bobcat Badge Pin is a Parent's Pin and is then given to the parents as a symbol of solidarity with their scout's achievements.